Saturday, February 10, 2007


By Joshua!

Waking up…where do we find ourselves?......

The sun streams in through the over-arching fingers of the tree canopy hundreds of feet above our little dugout as we drift down the Mekong Delta, the air stiff with cordite and Nepalm and bristling with the threat of gookish eyes watching from the lush shadowy banks on either side. It’s another day of constant fear and sunburn as we patrol every inlet in search of….

Or perhaps, we’ve wandered in off the dust of Haight Street into the gloom of the vast auditorium of the Dandelion Tearooms as The Dead idly noodle on for a thirteenth or fourteenth hour of directionless stoned labyrinthine boogie through their psychedelic gazetteer of inner spatial awareness playing only to rats, cockroaches and a few hair-infested bodies who left the planet the day before…..

Or else, it’s…..

…but no, on closer inspection we find we’re actually listening to the brilliant new recording to be issued by Gulcher Records.

It’s called JOSHUA JUGBAND 5 (and/or) DAMASCUS DOLDRUM and every home should have one – it’s so good!

The tracks are handily totally devoid of such misleading things as titles. This allows you, dear reader, to go about supplying the filmtrack which it is so obviously in need of completely unhindered by any preconception attached by its maker thus limiting the commentary you can apply – you are absolutely free to let the music [for this is MUSIC to be sure] lead you where it likes and you allow it to. This is artistic liberation to the highest degree. Be assured.

It took us a long time to reach this happy plateau. Now it is our duty to stay and enjoy life to its full extent. Let us pray…

Oh! Mighty Gulcher!

You have thus far supplied us with many many wonders. Now you have brought us into the ecstasy of The Damascus Doldrums where we wish to remain forever and for always, if not longer.

Please continue to nourish our souls with many equally edifying and glorious sonic landscapes in which we may pass the rest of our days in peaceful contemplation and orgiastic revelling.

World without end.

Friday, February 02, 2007




Mercury Records 967138-8

Picked this up in a charity shop and when I got to hear it, I was totally blown away. I'm always cynical about quotes on the packaging. In this case it was emblazoned with "A frenetic collision of rock & dance that welds screaming guitars and roaring vocals to Funky House beats," from Heat magazine.

Oh Yeah?

Well, Yeah, actually. In fact, it's probably the most crossed-over record I've ever heard. Starting out with a bit of Classical (Handel on Your Face), it then goes into their clubby hit, 'I like the way you move.' Further great numbers follow, amalgamating all sorts of styles and voices akin to Heavy Metal, Edgar Broughton, Jim Morrison, High School Hop, Space-rock, ZZTop, electro, some cool jazz and plenty more.

On top of all this, there's no doubt... it got da funk!

My only regret is that with 11 short tracks, there's just not enough of it.

There's no getting away from the fact that this is one hell of a record. If it wasn't a smash hit album when it first appeared in 2005 then why not help to make it one now.


Long Time Coming

I should have reviewed this CD a couple of months back but somehow never got round to it. But I think you'll agree, it's been well worth the wait

CRAWLSPACE : The Spirit of '76

Gulcher Records 607

Right from the very first note that opens this record, you know you're onto a winner. It's exactly the sort of disc the term 'garage music' was coined for. It sounds like a hotch-potch of local kids just threw it together for open mic night down at the milk bar. And the dear little lads really do pour out their hearts, souls and everything else [including their warts] to put on a good show! Spirit of '76? More like '64 when everyone who heard The Beatles for the first time, rushed out and got a cheap acoustic in the local second-hand store and got it wired up with a pick-up and was gonna be a star.

There's a brilliant interpretation of Patti Smith doing Hey Joe, their 'Fight for Liberation' sounds more like 'Jesus wants Me for a Sunbeam' [Bless!] and their big finale is 'Sympathy for the Devil,' which once the instruments all find the same tempo and near-enough the same key, floors you and leaves you breathless enough to just want to go home to get a good night's sleep. In between there's all sorts of fun and games to excite the jaded pallette and leave you wondering when you'll be able to get your hands on the next piece of pure Crawlspace gold.

Another real treasure from the Gulcher hoard!

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